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Help - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I determine what product is right for me?

Power Adapters are complicated. We need to make sure our electronics receive just the right amount of power and no more. MFUEL makes this task simple because the Power Adapter is smart enough to choice the correct amount of power for us.

There are a couple of key questions that will make sure you choice the correct power adapter for your needs. First off, where would you like to be able to charge? The options are from an (1) AC Wall Outlet, from a (2) DC Outlet like your car cigarette lighter or airplane Empower™ plug, from (3) both, or from a portable source like a (4) rechargeable battery pack.

Next, what would you like to charge? Our power adapters are design to supply power to (1) Laptop computers and (2) Portable Electronics. These adapters have a HIGH POWER output that automatically switches voltages between 12 and 24V. All High Power Laptop Adapters are color coded in RED. Portable Electronics include iPods®, cell phones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 Players, Satellite Radios, Digital Cameras, Portable DVD players, portable video games, and camcorders. Power Adapters that are designed to power these portable electronic devices are coded for in YELLOW. We also offer Power Adapter that feature a HIGH Power and a LOW Power output so that two devices may be charged simultaneously from the same Power Adapter.

The last important question, is do I have enough power to charge all of my electronics from the same power adapter? This depends on how power hungry your electronics are or how many watts of power they require to power and charge them? The simplest way to determine the required wattage for an electronic device is to look at the specification sticker on the AC Adapter that came included with it, the specification sticker located on the underside of the product or below its battery or many of the manufacturers’s websites contain this information. If you are looking at the AC Adapter, somewhere it will say "DC Output" or if you are looking at the electronic device itself, somewhere it will say "DC Input" typically followed by a voltage (V) and Amperage (A). Wattage (W) is simply Voltage times Amperage (W = V x A).

For example, if I would like a Universal Power Adapter to charge my Laptop and my PDA. The specification sticker on the bottom of my laptop says "DC Input: 19.5V, 4.62A." If I multiply 19.5V times 4.62A, the answer is 90.09 Watts. Now the AC Adapter that came with my PDA, says "DC Output: 5V, 1A." This means that my PDA requires 5 Watts to charge. So if I would like to charge both together I need a Universal Power Adapter that can provide about 95 Watts of continuous power. MFUEL product names tell you the continuous power potential. So the WORLD PAK 120 provides 120 Watts of continuous power while the WALL JACK 18 provides 18 Watts. In the above case, the WORLD PAK 100 or the WORLD PAK 120 would both be great choices.

How do I determine which connector or HOT TIP is right for my electronics?

Unfortunately, most of our electronics all use a different connector for power. MFUEL Smart Digital Technology will provide exactly the right amount of power, but we still must find the right connector so MFUEL can bring power into your device.

MFUEL HOT TIPS are divided into categories to help us sort which Tip goes with which device. There are two categories: High Power and Low Power. High Power is coded in red and is designed for Notebook Computers. Low Power are coded in yellow and is designed for Cell Phones, PDAs, Bluetooth Headsets, iPods®, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Portable DVD Players, MP3 Players, and Portable Video Games.

Please use our HOT TIP Wizard to guide you to the right tip. Please have you portable electronics available because we will need to confirm the manufacture and model number of each device.

Our HOT TIPS are designed to provide clues so that MFUEL always supplies the correct amount of power. Please check the Voltage (V) your tip is designed for (listed in HOT TIPS) and confirm that this is correct by checking the "Input Power" listed on your electronics. Most often this is listed right next to the power input port on the device itself. If not, you may also check the Charger that was provided with the device. However, on the charger it will listed as the "Output Power" specification.

When you receive your tip, you simply need to confirm fit. Your tip should slide into your electronics. NEVER apply force in an attempt to make a HOT TIP fit. It will most likely cause damage to the HOT TIP and your electronics.

If you are confused or run into problems, please ask us.

I don’t see my device type listed anywhere? How do I find additional help?

There are new models of electronics coming out daily. We strive to keep our information up-to-date, but sometimes a device falls through the cracks. If you do not find your device on the HOT TIP Wizard, please fill out the HOT TIP HELP form below and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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How do I learn more about your products and how they are used?

Our product manuals are available for download so that you may review how they are used, their abilities, limitations and specifications before you purchase.

But you didn’t answer my question.

We would be happy to. Let us know what we can help you with via email or phone 1-888-525-7969.

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